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Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning service, maid service, commercial cleaning and janitorial services are terms increasingly describing a specialized external service, offering a particular service to people, companies, fraternal organizations and institutions. Maid service offers several services to the people and companies they provide service too, including but not limited to cleaning house, cooking and cleaning food, tending to gardens, cleaning floors and shopping and cleaning windows. Cleaning services include pet sitting, house cleaning, window cleaning, and garden and lawn care. Many cleaning companies offer specialized domestic and commercial cleaning, but the most popular type of cleaning company is home cleaning. Cleaning service is usually hired by one-time customers, but some cleaning service providers allow independent contractors to use their facilities.

There are two types of cleaning service; part time and full time. A part time maid service to clean a home only a few times per week. A full-time maid service to clean a house regularly for a period depending on the contract. This contract period can last from a few weeks to a month. The contract cleaning service companies normally charge more than a regular cleaning company, which is based on the number of rooms and how many hours per room per day is charged.

The commercial cleaning service Manhattan NYC may be hired to clean office buildings, restaurants, hospitals, corporate headquarters, hospitals, schools, colleges and retail establishments. Office cleaning includes deep cleaning of equipment and carpets; spotless glass and walls; vacuuming and wiping floors, counter tops, tables, and furniture. Deep cleaning involves cleaning the entire building and removing stains and footprints. They remove all trash and cleaning supplies.

In residential cleaning services, the term "professional cleaning services" usually refers to residential house cleaners. Professional cleaners clean houses regularly with chemical agents or steam cleaners to remove dirt and molds. These cleaners may use power washers and steam cleaning systems. Regular spotless walls and floors are achieved with professional cleaning services.

One of the commercial cleaning services is the New York Janitorial Services. They provide services such as cleaning office buildings on behalf of business owners. The commercial cleaning services clean commercial buildings in the Bronx and Brooklyn areas. They also serve other parts of the city and provide 24-hour service. Discover more here about the best janitorial service to hire.

If you have an apartment or condo, you can hire the services of a condo cleaning service. The services include cleaning your swimming pool, driveway, exterior walls and porches, and removing pet stains. Additional services that may be provided by this type of cleaning company include tree trimming, snow removal, siding and roof repair, among others. You can find a professional cleaning company in your area by asking your friends and family who they use. You can also do an online search to find additional information on this type of cleaning service. Discover more about this topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commercial_cleaning.

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